Location :Cape town, Western cape

Date: 2005

Traditionally bungalows along the Atlantic Seaboard were constructed using light weight construction methods. The sadness today is that exactly the bungalows which gave this area its coastal charm is being eroded away and being replaced by monolithic concrete and glass boxes. When we read Gawie Fagan’s storey about the building of ‘Die ES’ in Campsbay we were inspired to do our own building work.

The old house built in the late 50’s had a typical red tile roof. The roof had to come off and pre–cast concrete slabs were installed to span across the old house. All the timber from the roof structure was carefully removed and has been re– used to make staircases and furniture. From the outset the neighbours blocked any plans which required departures. It was then decided to comply with all the set backs, which has provided a much richer architectural solution.

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