Location: Okiep, SOUTH AFRICA Date: 2018-Present

Currently Dance Garage offers a dance training course of 3 years. Dance Garage has become a training venue that already has national and international standing and that holds the promise of being the forerunner to establishing an accredited dance and leadership program. Alfred Hinkel identified a potential site at the TVET College 300 meters from Dance Garage at the disused swimming pool and existing hall for a performance venue.

It was felt that NRC TVET was a growing tertiary institution with a strong management who could facilitate providing space for the Dance Garage’s expansion. The mutual benefit to both organisations was discussed. The college requires a 120 -150 seat raked lecturing facility and an exams venue for up to 200 students at a time. In the future the NRC TVET college could facilitate dance learner-ships under SETA as well as enrol graduate candidates in the program.


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