Global Award for sustainable architecture

The notion of sustainable development is steadily gaining acceptance. Across the globe, sustainability is one of the cornerstones of a new rationalism in the construction process. The purpose of the GLOBAL AWARD FOR SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE is to honour annually five living architects who move towards sustainability.

Eunic Architecture Studio 2011: Recycle the City,
an approach for sustainable architecture

As an event aiming at linking public, students and young professionals to the crucial question and challenge of the living and housing conditions in modern South Africa, the EUNIC Architecture Studio was launched in 2008 and left a blue-print with an unseen combination of lectures, conferences and experimental workshop framed by multidisciplinary professionals such as architects and urban planners, but also geographer and contemporary artists.

Alvar aalto Symposium

The Alvar Aalto Medal was established in 1967 by the Museum of Finnish Architecture and the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA). The Medal has been awarded intermittently since 1967 when the medal was created in honour of Alvar Aalto. The award is given in recognition of a significant contribution to creative architecture. The award is often made at the Alvar Aalto Symposium, held every four years in Jyväskylä, Aalto’s home town.

south african artist willie bester

Willie Bester is regarded as one of South Africa's most important resistance artists. He incorporates recycled material into his paintings, assemblages and sculpture, usually commenting on political injustices and human rights issues of the day.

Design and health

The International Academy for Design & Health was founded in 1997 by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm as a non-profit organisation dedicated to the stimulation and application of research concerning the interaction between design, health, science and culture.

Locus foundation

The Global Award for Sustainable Architecture is run by the LOCUS Fund. LOCUS seeks to identify and reward the most innovative and engaged architects from all corners of the globe and to federate them in participative urban renewal projects in developing countries. The Global Award for Sustainable Architecture is supported by the GDF-Suez Foundation and put under the Patronage of UNESCO.

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