Location: CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE Date: 2003 - 2007

Records indicate that in 1657 commander Jan Van Riebeek build a store for the Company’s grain being grown at Rondebosch. This was the first building to be erected at the place now known as Groote Schuur which at the time included the present Klein Schuur. In 1791 the post at “DeSchuer” was put up for auction. Over the next hundred years the property changed many hands, and this process is well recorded in the Cape Archives.

In 1912 the Union Government bought the property. Archival photographs show that in the early 20th century the view of the east façade with three wolwe-ent gables and striped iron corrugated curved veranda roof between the “stoepkamers”. A road leads up to the house through a vineyard.


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