Location: Sweden Date: 2010

In June 2010, Jenny Stenberg invited Carin Smuts to Sweden in October 2010 to give a public lecture and facilitate a one-week workshop involving residents of Hammarkullen, Educational students/teachers, and architectural students.

During the week there were 30-40 participants. The first day each group huddled together, and it was difficult to get participants to relax and participate. Mixing the three groups and playing a few games soon relaxed people. The groups worked well and soon there were results.

The residents were from different nationalities and wanted to start a restaurant to share their traditional cuisine, and in so doing understand each other’s cultures better. When the head of the teachers was tasked with purchasing model equipment, he returned with different pastas.

The architectural students had to stand back and watch the residents and teachers build the models, as the material was foreign to them. This really shifted the power to a more equitable arrangement. It was a most enjoyable and valuable experience.

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