Location: ZHOUSHAN, CHINA Date: 2010

In 2010 a group of 10 international firms were invited to join Ameteur Studio (whangshu & linn Wenyu) to design a cultural waterfront in Zhou Shan China. It was a working fishing and ice producing harbour which the local authority wanted to turn into a vibrant cultural waterfront. The 10 firms were each given two projects randomly and the firms collaborated together on the urban design of the waterfront.. Linked to the actual project were lectures and workshops at the Ningbu School of Architecture under the leadership of Whang Shu. The Zhou Shan project was a collaboration between the Locus Foundation and the Xmateur Studio. The collaboration of the 10 global practices was a very vibrant experience. The designs were then presented to the local government, the officails and partners. Sadly the land was sold to a developer who did not need foreign architects and opted to do the development with a local office.

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